An effective content strategy makes good use of digital space for the dissemination of information and ultimately boosts the success of any company’s content marketing efforts. In order for you and your clients to derive all the highly sought after benefits this platform provides it is important to invest the necessary time at the very beginning to design the architecture of the content strategy to be implemented. As the saying goes, “Measure twice, cut once!”.

This strategic planning should aim to deliver usable and useful information with strategy-related essentials such as: message architecture, style guidelines that portray a positive brand image and user research.

Below, we take a more comprehensive look at each of these essential factors that form part of a successful, long term marketing strategy.

Message architectural framework – how to design a message that offers value

Messages are delivered in subtext and depend upon the words, terminology and phrases included in the content. You can’t just come out screaming at your audience without making your message more palatable.

  • In aligning with any brand’s value, your message architecture should answer to the following:
  • It should be supportive
  • It should be inviting
  • It should be streamlined
  • It should be accessible.

Content style guidelines protect the brand image

How the target audience will perceive your client’s business brand will be influenced by your content’s tone of voice and word choice. An editorial style guide can be an effective tool to be used in promoting brand image.

Having an established style guide, referenceable by anybody creating any message coming from your or your client’s brand, means that they won’t be wasting time on tone or style and will instead have more time to generate solid content ideas.

User research and its role in content strategy

Conducting user research and creating buyer personas is a time-consuming task which is why it is common to find marketers ignoring this critical element and skipping to the ‘real work’ of creating content.

Ignore user research and you will be left wanting in answers to questions like:

Who am I talking to?

Would they find my content useful?

Does it relate to them, would they care enough about it?

Not knowing the answers to these questions means that brands could face failure in their content marketing investment.

Paying attention to a well-designed content strategy puts you on the path to great content marketing success and for your clients, they will benefit from more appealing and engaging content marketing initiatives.

A definite obstacle to the successful implementation of a solid content marketing strategy is the amount of time it calls for. If this is your issue, keep in mind that there are professional, focused and experienced copywriters in New Zealand who can do this job for you.

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