TestingWouldn’t your clients love to receive a report from you with specific statistics that point to a specific target market? Of course they would, and so would you because you could then focus all your time on directing your copy at the right audience.

Split-testing is the key to establishing the right audience your client’s brand needs in order to meet its bottom-line. The great news is that split-testing or A/B testing is simple.

Furthermore, the New Zealand Small Business Assistance Centre strongly urges small business to make use of split-testing. They advise that it is really a tool that enables businesses to discover where and who their market is.

  • Begin small

Start your first test small. Narrowing down the perfect customer for your client is important. But the weeding-out process begins with a simple test on the market. Separate your client’s copy by split-testing the copy into two groups. Of course this will depend on the product or service, but for instance, one group will be targeted at younger clients and the other at older clients. If you receive a better response from group B, then you must discard group A and then further weed-out from this group with a further split-test.

  • Weeding-out process

Okay, so you’ve weeded out the first group. The next step is establishing which of these people would be more likely to use your client’s product. For example, let’s suggest your client is a footwear retail shop in Auckland with another branch in Otago, split-testing the market with the names of the cities will indicate which areas are more likely to make the most sales—this will also help you with your other advertising techniques. Perhaps, focus such as billboards, print ads etc., should be invested in the lower-ranking city to generate more awareness.

  • Other aspects to consider

Once you’ve established the age group or target market, it will be easier to redesign your copy and imagery when it comes to advertising online. A younger response group might prefer tennis shoes to anything besides. The imagery you use along with the language and tone you use will also be determined early on after the tests are performed.

The time you dedicate to your client’s campaigns, as well as the effort, will be mitigated by this simple process of split-testing your copy.

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