At White Label Copywriting New Zealand we diversify our service offering to cater for all popular promotion and marketing copy needs. Our business focus is to offer yours much needed support in saving time and improving productivity. If you offer digital marketing services as a web designer, developer, digital marketer or PR agency, then our native English professional copywriting team can take over your time-exhaustive tasks for you. We offer wholesale copywriting services that include product descriptions, provided at an affordable rate.

Do you have an e-commerce clothing client who has an online shopping basket with hundreds of different clothing items needing content? This is a labour-intensive, as well as time-intensive project and with all the other projects on your plate, you won’t be able to manage this one as well. Now you can.

eCommerce Content Writing

By outsourcing product description writing or any other type of marketing content to a highly skilled copywriting team you can hand over those tasks that eat up time and be assured you receive a quality product to pass onto your clients.

Product descriptions require a high level of professional business writing skills. We have a full-time copywriting team, all native English speakers, who are dedicated to providing a high-quality service.

  • Write product descriptions to match the tone and brand of your client’s business
  • Ensure product descriptions are appealing and aimed at creating the desired action in the target audience
  • Focus on product’s benefits and features to attract attention of the consumer
  • Offer ready-to-be-published product descriptions
  • Insert search-friendly keyword usage

E-commerce sites depend on a high level of trust between customer and business brand. As a professional writing service, we are well familiar with what product descriptions require in order to promote this level of trust. If you’re worried about the quality of outsourcing copywriting requirements, know that we have put in place a number of sub-editing and quality control checks as part of our processes to make sure that our clients and their clients receive the highest level of quality content.

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If you have any questions regarding this or any part of our service offering you are more than welcome to speak to one of our customer service representatives. Contact White Label Copywriting New Zealand for product descriptions that will exceed yours and your clients’ expectations.