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Email Marketing – Words For Mood And Motivation
The digital sphere has opened up a variety of exciting marketing approaches to get the attention of prospective buyers to achieve better sales figures. As a digital marketer you may be an expert in one or two approaches, so what do you do if, for example, a client wants to introduce email marketing into his digital marketing mix and you have no experience or expertise in this field? You may be great at writing great tweets but writing appealing and persuasive copy for email blasts is not your forte.
As we offer a support service to you we prioritise quality content and a quality service. Quality services matters to your business as much as it does to ours. For your peace of mind, as well as ours, we have put in place multiple quality checks to ensure you get error-free email copy. Know that before email marketing copy comes to you they have gone through a few sub-editing checks.
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WHITE LABEL Email Marketing

This is the type of frustration our professional English-speaking copywriting team at White Label Copywriting New Zealand aims at addressing.

Our unrivalled services in email marketing offers:
  • Sales-focused persuasive copy matching tone and voice of each client

  • Ready-to-be-distributed copy

  • Email reminders that are targeted to keep your client’s brand top of mind of prospective buyers

  • Tailor-made email marketing campaign packages to accommodate an individual business’s goals

03 - Copy is provided ready to be sent to clients.

Our email marketing service is offered to you as well as your clients. We cater to individual email sequence requests. This means that we are able to accommodate weekly email campaigns as well as fortnightly sequences.
We use an innovative email management system for all campaigns for clients who are not already on a system. However, we can load email campaigns into an email management system that is already in place. For this type of request we would require a descriptive process on how the system works. Also note that we are only able to work with comment-enabled email management systems.
Whether you are new to email marketing or just want to benefit from a more efficient service, let us at White Label Copywriting New Zealand offer you a superb client-focused service experience. Get in touch with us now to find out how.