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Extra Research Blog Posts – Delivering Content-Rich Blogs
White Label Copywriting New Zealand is a successful service provider with a diverse range of copywriting services that include crafting informative Extra Research blogs. Our bespoke services are offered to various businesses in the digital marketing sphere who either don’t have the time or the right skill set to offer their clients professionally-written copy for their online marketing campaigns. Our Extra Research blogs are longer in length than standard blog articles. Our proficient native English copywriters create long-form blogs that can extend beyond 1000 words (we cater to your clients’ requirements).

Standard blogs may not provide enough information to provide solutions to business challenges or that will adequately answer industry questions. This is when long-form blogs offer all-round benefits to businesses, target audiences and search engines. 

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For Brands: better brand awareness, lead generation and boost in conversion, establishes authority in industry, provides shareable content for social media, evergreen content that offers more long-lasting value

For Audience: solutions to problems, answers to questions

For Search Engines: increased visibility, better search engine rankings, more backlinks thanks to the useful information provided

While the value of long-form blogs is undisputed they are a time-intensive activity and require a substantial amount of research time. As a digital marketer with clients in diverse fields do you find yourself a slave to a jam-packed editorial calendar? Or are you a business coach helping a client establish their business as a thought leader but don’t have enough expertise in this area to offer a comprehensive quality service? Let White Label Copywriting New Zealand help you.

Our exceptional extra research blog post writing service delivers on

We are proud to offer a distinctive service that sets us apart from the competition – wholesale white label copywriting services. Ours is an impressive, efficient service and we maintain a strict quality control process that sees each blog created pass through multiple sub-editing checks. Contact us for more information on this service.