The central element in creating marketing content that will win on every level is to define goals first and then create content that will set about achieving them.

We are all too famiContent Marketing Planliar with common copywriting goals such as building trust with prospective customers, creating content that offers value, that is engaging and that will encourage new sales leads. Or to make a website more SEO friendly by producing fresh content regularly.

All worthy goals to be sure. But to ensure that your content creation efforts reap maximum rewards and answer to a variety of purposes it would be best to identify more specific goals in your content marketing plan.

Here are 3 content marketing goals to start off with and ensure you implement in 2017:

  1. Aim to solve the prospect’s problems

The hallmark of a thriving business brand is one that solves problems. At the core of a marketing message should be the purpose of addressing a challenge or a problem and offering the audience a solution to that problem.

  1. Identify possible objections and write copy that overcomes them

There are many factors that can dissuade a prospect from making a purchase. These range from too high a price to a product that’s too complicated or time consuming to use. Address these objections and use marketing content to prove the offer of long term savings value or top tips in how to best use a product. Make the objections count in your favour. You have eliminated the objections that would have prevented a prospect from saying “yes”.

  1. Test the waters when trying out a new business idea

A business blog is a low risk technique to conduct direct market research on product development to see how well it would be received. A secondary benefit is showing potential and existing customers how innovative a brand is and its commitment to improving product range or service delivery. Insights gained from the latest The State of Social Media Report (2016) show that 85% of digital marketers have used social media to promote brand awareness and 71% for community engagement.

By paying attention to specific and general goals when creating marketing copy for business brands, you help yourself in planning a more effective content marketing plan for your business or your clients’ businesses. In addition to this, why not elevate the quality level of content by outsourcing copywriting to a professional writing service? From well researched blogs to engaging emailers White Label Copywriting New Zealand can accommodate all copywriting needs.

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