How Internal Training With Our CEO Is Improving Our White Label Copywriting Offering For Clients

A dedication to constant improvement is an attitude that any business needs to survive in our modern economy. Client service is one of the things that can make or break an organisation. To keep serving our clients to the best of our ability, White Label Copywriting New Zealand recently undertook a massive training program to ensure that all its leaders are aware and accountable for what’s required from them and their teams.


Our most recent customer service training session took place this past October in Dubai and was attended by our core operations team managers. Each team leader is instrumental in our ability to deliver our wholesale writing services to clients, which is why we focused on training our leaders and not just the team members themselves. We have come to realise that the key to success in any organisation is for our employees to both know and understand how they fit in with the process of a client getting what they need.


An outcome that will be taken into consideration as a result of the training will be a more intense focus on measuring the client’s experience to ensure that the team is aware of what they need to improve on in detailed, actionable terms.

“We now know what’s most important to measure,” says Operations Manager Asjad Afzal. “With step by step actions to help us collect and use data on client experiences, we are more confident than ever that we’ll be able to improve our personal approach to clients and ensure that even new staff members know how to get it right the first time.”

“Great customer service involves many factors. It can be minor things (like getting a client’s name right in emails) or major things (ensuring that we attend Skype meetings on time). It can even involve adopting the right attitude when dealing with clients, such as taking the lead on issues and not taking all criticism personally.”

Clients of White Label Copywriting can look forward to experiencing much more of the end results of this training in months to come. As our client service training is to become an ongoing affair, they can look forward to more productive interactions between teams.

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