There is no denying that the power of digital marketing is unlimited in its sales-building potential. But this can only take place in an optimal website environment built around providing online visitors with a satisfactory experience.

Keep visitors happy and they will stay on a web page long enough to become a buyer. Of course for this to happen, marketers have to look at a number of factors that encourage conversion rate optimisation, basically, ask yourself: “What can I do to my client’s website to make sure that every visitor becomes a buyer?”.

If you’re constantly batting off questions from your clients as to why their website is getting hits, but not converting into sales, then implementing a conversion rate optimisation strategy could be the answer to that question. In applying CRO you will be addressing and improving all those areas of a website that are responsible for website performance and converting leads into sales. These include:

  • The uploading times of a website page
  • Measuring existing traffic trends
  • Reviewing and implementing test strategies
  • Reviewing content (especially landing pages) and adding CTAs where relevant

One of the biggest issues when it comes to website performance is site speed. Site speed links directly to user experience and the potential of a sale going through. The problem with slow site speed is that this creates a frustrating user experience and has a negative effect on the sales goals. Think about it, if you’re looking for information on a purchase, what’s more frustrating than a site that constantly keeps crashing or won’t load quickly? Admit it, you’ll soon be off to a competitor whose site loads efficiently.

Site speed is important to Google too and highly relevant if you’re determined to achieve top rankings in searches for your clients.

In CRO, analysing data and testing effective methods play crucial roles. Measurement tools (like Google Analytics) are used to determine weak areas of the website that are effecting its performance and addressing these areas to improve the loading speed.

At the heart of conversion rate optimisation is learning and improving through incremental modifications what elements will increase the visitor’s experience. Of course once you land a visitor you will need quality well-written content to convert them into buyers.

You’re in luck, we can help with both. Get in touch today.

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