Our quality proofreading and editing services at White Label Copywriting New Zealand covers: spelling and grammar checks, correction of punctuation, editing of verb tense and logical flow of ideas and sentence structure. While our professional English-speaking teams use their expertise in editing to ensure your written communication is accurate and polished, they do not rewrite content for you. We have other writing services that can cover this need such as blog writing, press release writing and website content rewrites.

Written business communication, whether for internal or external channels, can favourably benefit from professional editing and proofreading. An expert eye knows what errors to look out for and can effortlessly and quickly identify and correct mistakes to ensure copy reads flawlessly and looks professional.


For businesses every piece of written communication material says something about your brand. Error-free and logical communication conveys the impression that your business prioritises professionalism and quality. Written materials that are riddled with errors and mistakes or ideas that are not clearly thought out won’t inspire any confidence and can have a negative impact on business growth.

We proofread and edit various types of already-written materials that include:

  • Manuals and publications
  • Brochures
  • Marketing and promotional copy
  • Memos
  • Proposals
  • Press releases

Quality control is a big factor in all of our processes which is why we are able to offer a top class service. Every copywriting-related project including proofreading and editing services goes through multiple quality control checks to guarantee consistency of our superior quality service and ensure our clients’ and their clients’ needs are met.

Why not use our editing and proofreading services as if we’re a part of your business? Consider our services more as an ‘in-house’ department without all the fuss and expense of having to employ full-time staff.

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At White Label Copywriting New Zealand we offer accurate, quick and affordable editing processes so get in touch with us today. We will ensure that your business copy maintains the high standards your brand is recognized for and achieves your desired objectives.