As a reputable digital marketing agency you know that you provide your clients with great quality copy. You have put in the time to research what the target audience is looking for and invested the time to create copy that would place your business client in the best possible light.

But even great copy, if not presented in a reader-friendly way (hard to read content), can be a frustrating read. How can you avoid proviRead Contentding a frustrating user experience? By taking steps to ensure the content you create is easily scanned and therefore much quicker to digest.
Online readers require a different way in which to engage with content than the more traditional print platforms. They spend less time on a website than they would a magazine or newspaper which means they have less time to find the information they want.

How to Go About Creating Easily Readable Content

If you have been creating content for a while but find that engagement is low or readership poor, then it could be time to look at how you are presenting your content. It is not just what you say that is important but the manner in which you present it too. The Jakob Nielson study on how online readers read continues to shed useful light on the subject – it is more than likely that just 20% of content is read by the average web user.

So how do you ensure that the well-researched and meticulously edited content you have produced actually gets read?

  1. Start with the headline that draws the eye and is compelling enough for the reader to continue to the next line.
  2. Shorter length paragraphs are a visual cue that tells the reader reading that the copy is manageable and won’t take up too much time.
  3. The simpler the words, the better. You may think that using convoluted words is impressive but online readers want copy that is easily understood. There is no time to open up a dictionary to look up words. Save them for your novel.
  4. Numbered lists, bullets, sub headings and block quotes are effective in presenting content in a more readable way.
  5. Use formatting to advantage: bold fonts, italics and even letters in upper case are effective in drawing the eye.
  6. Use images. Images are highly effective in creating visual interest and can convey the message of content quicker.
  7. Don’t be afraid of white space. A cluttered design contributes to a frustrating reader experience and a reader will more than likely navigate away than stay on the page.

By implementing the easy-to-read content techniques presented above you can rest assured that all the content you publish will be read and more than likely shared. At White Label Copywriting New Zealand we continue in our efforts to be the best resource on how to tell your client’s story successfully.

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